Personal Style: A Timeless Staple.


Are you wondering what to wear to dinner this evening?

Is there a corporate event right around the corner, and you just can’t decide what to wear?

Or are you skimming through your wardrobe and have suddenly realized that you are in major need of an upgrade?

If your answer to any one or all of the aforementioned questions is yes, then you have landed on the right page!

Tencel Big Shirt

Here is one item that was probably staring right at your face but you never realized it. The Tencel Big Shirt! Developed in 1998, thousands of shirts have been the sod of this garment. Dyed in beautiful colors and classic hues, you can be sure to find any shade that suits you. The material is soft to touch and so comfortable that you will have a great time giving that presentation that has been keeping you up all night. Or better yet, this fashion choice grants you the power to impress that special someone of your dreams. So try it out and be impressed by the coziness you feel afterward.

Environmentally Friendly

If you are concerned about whether Tencel is eco-friendly or not then rest assured; this material is made from an eco-rich pulp of wood. Finding the best Tencel shirts has never been easier. All you have to do is visit Tianello’s website and voila! There is a wide variety of shirts to choose from.  They use pulp from trees that are harvested especially on tree farms for this purpose. This makes all of their products eco-friendly and they always make sure to bring you material of top quality.

Tencel Big Shirt Dying of Garment

All of the garments are dyed after they have already been sewn. The color is selected after taking into account the consumer’s wishes. For Tianello, their clients matter and so the company takes additional steps to bring materials of superior quality to them. Their focus is always on creating clothes that make you feel good. With distinctive designs

(M) TMS2-ELE.jpg

(M) TMS2-ELE (B).jpg

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