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History of Textile industry is as old as human being itself. Clothes are used to be a basic human need; however, this need has gone too far to become a powerful industry with billions of turnover each year. In the early 70s, the apparel industry got a whole new twist and merged to form fashion industry. The slight difference between the fashion industry (marked as branded designer wear) and the apparel industry (that makes regular clothes for masses) has already been blurred when designer wear got a scale down to cover the mass fashion and apparel makers scaled up their level to make high fashion clothes.

Of course, there may be a difference of appearance between expensive designer fashion flaunt on fashion week runways and vendor-produced street styles and sportswear that are sold in retail markets, however, the value textile industry is providing through employing millions of people in its design, manufacturing, marketing, advertizing, retailing and distributing markets should be taken as a fair share of serving humanity for its basic need –clothing!

From haute couture to ordinary regular clothing, from relish bridal gowns to tastefully branded sweatshirts, this internationally recognized industry is identified on global level.

If we discuss creativity, the most creative and interesting industry which attracts people is Intertextile. To present the most creative ideas, designs, and manufactured products people organizes many shows forums to present people latest trends. Some of the most discuss fashion forums that fulfill the fashion needs of people are discussed below.

Premier Vision


Premier vision is the most creative event and hub of meetings and arousal –a can’t-miss event for the international fashion industry.  It serves six major fashion industries including Leather, Yarns, Design, Fabrics, Accessories, and Manufacturing –surely a unique business place and regimen.

Exceptional business hub for six complementary fashion industries settled at one place with over 60000 industries professional at one place with their innovative ideas to do business and work in accordance with latest trends

The Premier fashion team set up meeting with fashion experts to help in their innovation process. These meetings provide information to help the whole innovation process.

Designers from 57 countries look forward to the information shared on this forum that is quite helpful in making new trends that are needed of the hour. The Premiere Vision also promises its visitors to showcase a wide list of quality products that facilitate by staying in a suitable price range.



Intertextile is well-known for innovation. It serves by making available best quality designs and fabric to you. This forum takes its visitors on a journey of discovery by portraying you a huge range of artists and designers collections.

You yourself will be able to explore the textile trends in details and comment on them. Intertextile forum provides you information about global textile trends. It is a not-to-be-missed forum for designers and textile vendors to showcase their innovative ideas on global level.

This world of textile showcases best quality textile products for consumer and grab most reliable consumers by highlighting issues around them. They manufacture textile products under best suitable conditions and in accordance with ILO rules (International Labor Organization)

L.A. Textile


LA Textile show has been produced by the California Market Center (CMC) in 1993. The two times a year occurring function established itself as the most popular and important on the west cost for presenting an international collection of Premier textile, design and production goods.  CMC manages thousands of design resources and also produces 18 various fashion trade events annually including L.A Textile

Fashion Industry’s Premier Destination Los Angles International Textile show brings the best production and design resources from around the globe featuring over 200 choice exhibitors including trim, textile, design, surface, color, trend, production, technology and sourcing companies for fashion and interior design.

LA Textile showcases hundred of brilliantly textile fashion goods and designs that span the globe. LA textiles craft the goods that reflect the culture accurately. Fabrics presented are printed with natural dyes using environment friendly clothes. L.A textile

L.A Textile exhibiting companies include factories sample makers, pattern makers, cutting, dyeing, specification companies, Textile testing, Trend Services with their goal of one-stop shop trade event by facilitating designers and from brilliant concept and design to finished presentable product.